Your inspiring workshop location at Hanover Airport

Your workshop takes off - take off for new ideas at your workshop in our Art Deco hangar

A place where unique history meets modern ambience and "new beginnings" is given a clearer background: the Art Deco Hangar at Hanover Airport. Our premises are the perfect location for your next workshop. Amidst the inspiring backdrop of an active airport, our hangar not only offers a breathtaking meeting room with a view of historic aircraft, but also an exclusive lounge for creative breaks and group work. Together with Pohlposition, your event agency from Hanover, we guarantee an all-round carefree package that leaves nothing to be desired, from planning to execution. Discover a place that is designed to promote innovation and turn creative visions into reality.

The Art Deco hangar will open in 2024, more details, website, social media coming soon.


Your workshop in our Art Deco-Hangar

Workshops in the Art Deco Hangar take place under the exclusive supervision of our partner agency Pohposition from Hanover. This partnership promises a top-class workshop experience. Pohlposition is synonymous with innovative strength, individually tailored concepts and a comprehensive carefree service. From the initial design to catering, qualified staff, state-of-the-art technology, harmonious decoration and well thought-out concepts - Pohlposition offers a complete range of services that will transform your workshop into an extraordinary and inspiring experience.

Inspiring surrounding

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the airport. The Art Deco hangar with its vibe of new beginnings offers the perfect breeding ground for innovative ideas and creative flights of thought.


Our meeting room with a panoramic view of the hangar for up to 30 people guarantees an exclusive and inspiring working environment. Space for up to 50 people in a plenary seating arrangement. You can also benefit from the flexible use of the lounge for group work and relaxing breaks.

Historic airplanes

Impressive vintage aircraft serve as silent witnesses to aviation history and act as impressive eye-catchers in the hangar.


Pohlposition takes care of every detail of your workshop. Whether it's canapés, comprehensive catering or moderation, we offer you a tailor-made experience so that you can concentrate fully on your workshop.

All-round carefree package

The team not only organizes exclusive workshops, but also creates an environment that leaves a lasting impression on the participants. With a comprehensive carefree package ranging from A for audio-visual equipment to Z for additional services, Pohlposition ensures the smooth planning and implementation of your workshops. Their aim is to provide learning experiences that inspire and motivate participants for a long time to come.

Catering & Service

During your workshops in the Art Deco Hangar, Pohlposition's catering service ensures that no culinary wishes are left unfulfilled. Choose flexibly between canapés, a nutritious lunch or an elegant dinner, depending on what suits your workshop best. The professional catering team, including a dedicated service employee, not only ensures that your guests are provided with high-quality food and drinks, but also takes care of the continuous replenishment of drinks in the meeting room. You can therefore concentrate fully on the success of your workshop while your participants' well-being is taken care of.

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