Art Deco Aviation - Flying the Wings of Legends.

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Our idea.

Preserving aviation history is a matter close to our hearts.

Bringing them closer to other people makes us proud.

Bringing like-minded people together is our motivation.

Kauf von historischen Flugzeugen

We are continuously on the lookout for special aircraft with history that lend themselves to restoration. This step of the process requires a lot of time and care in the selection. Feel free to contact us if you have any interesting aircraft for us to sell.

The experience of our aircraft

At air shows and on request at special events we can bring our aircraft to life. Sponsors have special opportunities here, more details under sponsoring. The maintenance of a vintage aircraft is cost and time intensive and therefore we need support.

Art Deco Hangar - Connect and Interact.

We like to open the doors to our home at Hannover Airport for aviation enthusiasts, business partners and customers to meet, network and exchange ideas. It is a place to live out, share and deepen the fascination for flying. 

Our story.

Two passionate pilots - one vision. 

Hinter der Art Deco Aviation stehen Yannick und Justus, zwei passionierte Piloten mit einer Leidenschaft für historische Flugzeuge. Aus der einst verrückt klingenden Idee, die Electra 12A aus den USA nach Deutschland zu holen, wurde Realität und eines der seltensten Flugzeugtypen rollte im Februar 2019 erstmalig über das hannoversche Rollfeld. Heute haben sich weitere geschichtsträchtige Flugzeuge hinzugesellt. 

In addition to the Electra 12A, which once chauffeured Charles de Gaulle or the British royals, the powerful Spartan, which was only produced 36 times worldwide, the Stearman biplane also thrills visitors at various air shows in Germany.

Our aircraft are milestones of aviation history and offer passengers a nostalgic and unforgettable experience. We buy them worldwide, have them extensively restored and make them accessible to the public, e.g. at various air shows. Vintage aircraft are not only machines, but also masterpieces of engineering and an important part of aviation history.

Preserving this history is a matter close to our hearts. We, Artdeco Aviation are proud to own some of the most famous and impressive classic cars in the world. As a potential sponsor, you too have the opportunity to be part of this unique experience while supporting our brand. Through your sponsorship, you can ensure that we continue to restore vintage aircraft and make them available to the public. Our aircraft are historic works of art that represent a significant piece of aviation history and are part of our heritage. Only together with you can we ensure that these aircraft continue to make history.